What is Laser Tag?

Strap on a vest and step into the darkened jungle labyrinth. Teammates vanish down fog-filled passageways. You’re alone creeping up an on ramp. Suddenly, you sense a movement. Vest lights flash. You score! Adrenaline pumps; propelling you forward. Lasers pierce the blackness as sirens ricochet through the maze. Thoughts disintegrate. You stop watching and breathe it in. You feel it. You become the game. Laser tag at the Zone is the ultimate laser game experience.

The typical laser tag experience is about 25 minutes from strolling into the lobby to exiting the arena. First you pay. Then you’re escorted to the briefing room for a quick rundown on the equipment, the game, and the rules. When you know everything there is to know, your game master will assign you to a color team and send you into the “Zone”. You are a walking target. You have targets on your shoulders, back, chest, and in the phaser you’re carrying. It’s all about racking up points; but the jackpot is in capturing the opposing bases. This is no video game….the ability to “play well with others” is required. When you’re all done, you come out and check your score and see how your statistics stack up with other players.

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